Point & Pay designs, builds, and integrates specialized payment processing solutions. With this service, you can offer unique payment solutions for all kinds of markets.
Point & Pay iso program payment processing
Courts, Clerks, and Law Enforcement
Point & Pay iso program government
Point & Pay iso program insurance
Point & Pay iso program healthcare
Point & Pay iso program education
Point & Pay iso program utilities
Point & Pay iso program software companies
Software Companies
Point & Pay iso program rental properties
Rental Properties
Point & Pay iso program other unique needs
Other Unique Payment Needs
Don’t let the complexity of selling large scale accounts deter you from pursuing these organizations. Point & Pay eliminates the hassle by handling 100 percent of the client’s system implementation.
All you have to do is sell.


Web payments
Web Payments
Intuitive, customizable solutions for web customers
Over-the-counter payments
Over-the-Counter Payments
Accommodate in-office customers quickly and easily
API/Gateway payments
API/Gateway Payments
Integrated payment into client applications
Integrated payment options
Integrated Payment Options
Connect data, customers, and payments
Phone payments
Phone Payments
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) payment systems
Mobile payments
Mobile Payments
Next-generations payment solutions
Bill presentment
Bill Presentment
Instant, paperless access to bills
Recurring payments
Recurring Payments
Ensure that customers never miss a payment
PCI compliance
PCI Compliance
Secure data for peace of mind
Customized settlement
Customized Settlement
Save time with easier reconciliation
Payment error prevention
Payment Error Prevention
Fewer exceptions, happier customers
Flexible fee models
Flexible Fee Models
Offer convenience without cost
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