Sell merchant services to specialty merchants.

At NAB, we make it easy for you to add all sorts of merchants to your portfolio, including those in specialty markets. In fact, since 1992 we've provided secure, hassle-free credit processing to merchants of all types and sizes. When other processors say "no" we say "yes."

Industries we specialize in.

  • • Bail bond insurers
  • • Business opportunity
  • • Buying clubs
  • • CNP tobacco
  • • E-cigarettes
  • • Extended warranty
  • • Firearms & ammunition (including card-not-present)

We offer:

Retail and ecommerce solutions for specialty merchants.

High approval ratings.

In-house Risk and Underwriting departments for faster approvals.

Highly competitive pricing.

Access to seven online gateways, plus, robust multi-currency conversion.

Fraud and chargeback mitigation tools.

In-store, mobile, and EMV "chip card" solutions for retail merchants in all industries.

An online merchant portal featuring real-time transaction reporting.

In-house support for lightning-fast resolution to customer inquiries, chargebacks, and representments.

It's time you partnered with a payments company whose deep knowledge of the unique challenges facing merchants in specialty categories can help you close more deals than ever before.

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