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The opportunities that an ATM machine gives merchants are endless, as are the profits for you. Earn 100% commission over the cost of the ATM on sales/leases and continue to bring in the money through residual transaction payments. You'll receive a $0.10 monthly residual payment for each complete surcharged transaction after the machine has been active for a month. There truly is no cap on your profitability.
ATM conversions or reprograms are probably the easiest way for you to make a lot of money in a short amount of time. There are already thousands of ATMs installed throughout the United States in retail stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc. This provides a huge opportunity for you to reprogram and convert any one of these thousands of ATMs over to the Money Machine system.
iso program atm
  • Minimal floor space and minimal investment create a compact profit center.
  • Recirculating available cash on hand means less cash in the register and cuts down on after-hour trips to the bank.
  • Posting an ATM sign increases sales for the merchant.
  • As much as 40% of cash withdrawn from an ATM is used in the establishment where the ATM is located.
  • Limit the risks associated with checks and the fees for credit card transactions with a Money Machine ATM.
  • Selling on-screen advertising can be an added source of revenue.
You can see there are a number of positive points to adding a Money Machine to your merchant's store and your portfolio. And you get all of the above and still receive the superior service and dedicated support from NAB that you have come to expect.