Check out what Velocity can do for your merchants:

sell payment processing

Payment Processing

Provides single integration access to a wide array of payment services including credit and debit card processing, ACH processing, and gift and loyalty programs.
sell security


Our multi-layered approach to security is designed to protect your merchants from hackers.
sell hosted check-out

Hosted Check-Out

Your merchants can take advantage of a system already set-up or they can easily process credit card transactions on their own website.
sell payment apis

Payment APIs

Our APIs make commerce application development simple and efficient.
sell shopping cart

Shopping Cart

We offer numerous shopping cart partners that can integrate with your merchant’s business.
sell recurring payments

Recurring Payments

Offer recurring payment options to merchants with specialized business needs.
sell gift and loyalty

Gift and Loyalty

Your merchants will be able to offer their customers gift and loyalty programs that will boost cash flow and retain their customers.