Check out what Velocity and Inovio can do for your merchants:

velocity inovio iso program payment processing


Reliable and secure, offer a seamless merchant experience for credit card transactions, US ACH, US, and EU direct debit, worldwide SMS, and electronic cash payments.
velocity inovio iso program security


Help ISVs, VARs, and merchants become more secure with a comprehensive series of security layers that includes tokenization, PCI compliance, and data encryption.
velocity inovio iso program hosted check-out

Hosted Check-Out

Our hosted checkout options quicken customer payments while retaining unsurpassed security and removing the need for excessive PCI-compliance.
velocity inovio iso program payment apis

Payment APIs

Our simple APIs make commerce application development easy and efficient.
velocity inovio iso program shopping cart

Shopping Cart

We offer numerous shopping cart partners that can integrate with your merchant’s business.
velocity inovio iso program recurring payments

Recurring Payments

Our ready-to-use APIs for recurring billing and subscription services bring simplicity to business management.
velocity inovio iso program reporting


Merchants can monitor real-time sales volume and business performance wherever, whenever, with our comprehensive suite of business intelligence tools.
velocity inovio iso program multi-currency


With support for nearly every international currency imaginable, merchants can offer customers from around the globe the ability to pay in their native currency.