Thank you for your interest in North American Bancard! An industry expert will contact you within the next 24 business hours to discuss our industry-leading Sales Partner program.
By offering a merchant cash advance, you’ll be able to increase revenue from existing customers and open doors to new clients by offering them the needed funds promptly. In fact, merchants who sign-up for a merchant cash advance can get same day approval and funding in as little as 24 hours.
Capital for Merchants handles everything in-house, from underwriting to risk management to funding, we do it all. There is no outsourcing, so anytime you contact us you’ll have a straight conduit to the decision-makers. This leads to a level of customer service for both you and your merchant that is unmatched in the industry.
Points to consider when selling merchant cash advances from Capital for Merchants:
The speed of our underwriting is one of the industry’s best.
Expanded funding criteria opens up this opportunity to more merchants, meaning more approved deals for you!
Capital for Merchants has enhanced communication throughout the entire process with the merchant. This added dialog gives you the opportunity to answer questions as they arise, and not at the end if the deal goes unfunded.
How it works.

We pay merchants upfront for their future credit card sales up-front. As they process transactions, we take a certain, fixed percentage of their daily credit card receipts. Merchants can also pay back their advance via the ACH option as well.

How you get paid.

At Capital for Merchants, we are proud to offer the most aggressive and competitive compensation program in the industry. We pay our Sales Partners for sending us qualifying deals, regardless of the financial standing of the merchant. If your merchant gets funded, you get 8% of their advance up front and a 2% monthly residual thereafter.

If you opt not to sell these advances directly to your merchants, that’s ok. Let our inside sales team handle it. You’ll receive 3% for every one of your merchants who sign-up, and get funded, for a cash advance through Capital for Merchants.

Commission on Funded Amount & Renewal*
Case by case
plan feature
Not interested in selling, but want to earn extra income off your existing merchant accounts? Let our inside sales team handle it! For every one of your merchants that signs up — and gets a cash advance — you get:

of the total advance

Our unwavering commitment to your success.
We’re here to help you succeed, that’s why we offer our Sales Partners the following tools:
Lead Wizard
This search tool grants you instant access to countless new and existing businesses, all based on the criteria you entered. You’ll be able to narrowcast your search by zip code, area code and even SIC code.
Customized website
Our agents can have the same professionally designed site as with your contact information displayed so that all leads will come to you.
Your merchants can check the status of their advance, outstanding balance, and payment history or payoff amount with our web portal.
Stay up-to-date on merchant issues and resolutions via an auto-responder email that includes a detailed ticket number describing what the merchant’s concern was and how it was resolved.